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Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) allows publishing and editing of content on a website.

The scope of a CMS can vary greatly from website to website, depending on the requirements of the owner. For example, a CMS can encompass a website that allows one page to be edited up to a full-featured site that allows the addition of staff profile, news sections, etc.  A light CMS allowing management of one page differs greatly in price from a heavily multi-featured website due to the amount of work involved in the build and the design of the management function.

The CMS pages may be of any type of information, ie, news, schedule, about, links, staff, etc, with the exception of blog style. CMS sites may also include options such as calendars, guestbooks, polls, graphs, charts, newsletters, etc.

An easy to use interface and a login account are provided to allow updates to CMS pages.

Included is a detailed guide tailored to your individual website. Training is included. Training questions and CMS help is always free of charge for the site lifetime.

Please note: All content, graphics and photographs to be provided by the client, unless otherwise discussed. More options can be added for additional fee. If you do not have images or graphics I can make arrangements on your behalf.

Rate: priced by project requirements

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