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Pumpkin Moon Farm - New Ownership

Submitted by Belinda on Sat, 05/09/2015 - 12:04

Congratulations to Cindy, Faye, Dean and Todd, the new owners of Pumpkin Moon Farm! Migrating the web site and e-commerce has been completed and the new owners are hard at work on Pumpkin Moon Farm, continuing in the spirit in which it was created: to provide high-quality, time-tested, botanically-rich, hand-made products in a 100% Nova Scotian operation.

I have worked with the previous Pumpkin Moon Farm owner and founder, Michelle Summer Fike, for two years and I look forward to continuing our relationship building her web presence as she drives her dedication and talents into the new and exciting directions of life coaching, business training and herbal/lifestyle retreats.

Photo of Pumpkin Moon Farm product by Deborah Nicolsen. Taken in 2007.