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eCommerce Website

eCommerce, also known as Electronic Commerce, is the buying/selling of products, or services, over the web. eCommerce websites can vary greatly in size by having a few select products to hundreds of products divided by categories for sale.

Ecommerce sites can be basic or CMS in nature. Basic eCommerce sites are static. Any additions/deletions/edits of products and content need to be made by me. A CMS eCommerce can be edited by you. You can add/delete product using an easy to use CMS interface.

Included is a detailed guide tailored to your individual website. (for CMS only) Training is included.

Please note: All content, graphics and photographs to be provided by the client, unless otherwise discussed. More options can be added for additional fee. If you do not have images or graphics I can make arrangements on your behalf.

Rate: priced by project requirements

Examples of 'eCommerce' Web Designs by WiNiTh