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My Web Services

Website Design

I plan and make websites. This includes organizing the content, designing user interfaces, menus, layout, colours, fonts, selecting images and graphics and organizing site structure to meet your goals and requirements. Read more about the types of websites that I develop and offer.


I offer VPS hosting to clients only.  VPS (virtual private server) is a term describing a hosting service that is run off of a virtual machine that is dedicated to the needs of WiNiTh and clients only - resulting in faster load times, more reliable service, less downtime and a more secure environment. 


I support and maintain my websites. My rate is $50/hr, charged by the quarter hour.


As part of my service, email set-up is free for all clients. Upto 10 accounts. I will assist you in configuring your email clients and help you get started.

Social Media*

As a part of my service, I will create a facebook page and/or a twitter account (if useful) for your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing environment- including customer lists, newsletter design, coupon design and intergration with your website.

Non-Profit and Charity Organizations

Are you working to make our community, province, country, world a better place? I want to be a part of it! I love to help charity and non-profit organizations by offering free advice and generous discounts.

*This is an optional and free service for all clients purchasing a website. If not purchasing a website, this service is charged at my regular hourly rate.