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Belinda- you have been such a rock for us through our transition in purchasing Pumpkin Moon Farm and Herbals. A huge support in our trials and tribulations of becoming new business owners. Your expertise and problem solving has relieved much stress from Dean and I who had no idea where to start with a website. We basically relayed to you our wishes as to how we wanted the new website to “feel”, you took this scrap of information and transformed it into a website which represents “us” as a business and “who” we are. Your patience and gentle soul, along with gentle encouragement has made this transition much easier for us. Thank you straight from our hearts!

Cindy and Dean Shipp Pumpkin Moon Farm and Herbals.

When my old site proved to be riddled with security issues, WiNiTh was able to put together a new site and have it go live in a manner of days. The new design is just lovely, professional, eye-catching, and simple to navigate. It created more buzz in two days than my old site did in six months.

When I considered developing a website, I knew that I would need technical and design help, yet had some firm ideas about the 'look' of the page. During my first meeting with Belinda, it was clear that she was listening carefully. She also took the time to explain how the website would work in terms of my keeping it up to date. I was delighted with the finished product...it transmitted exactly the mood I was looking for, and I have received many compliments from other professionals in my field. The website is very easy for me to maintain, and Belinda is always there to answer any questions that arise. I am so glad that she was recommended to me!

Website design for Chelsea White

When we found out we would have to take our daughter to California for brain surgery, Belinda graciously offered to create and host a website immediately upon learning of our situation. Not only is the site easy to maintain, it is informative and attractive, and very user friendly I am confident that the website and it's accessibility have directly contributed to informing the community of our situation and keeping them involved in our journey. Our family is incredibly grateful to Belinda!

- Shannon Price

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I had no idea how easy and enjoyable setting up a website could be, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Belinda listened carefully to what I wanted, patiently explained all the options, and had an inexhaustible supply of creative ideas. She patiently incorporated all my good suggestions, steered me away from the bad ones, and was usually able to come up with something even better than what I'd asked for! My website has exactly the sort of polished, professional look I wanted. Thank you, Belinda!

Dr. Christopher M.Bell
Author and Historian

Website design for Colby Sailfish Swimming Club

Thank you Belinda for the wonderful job you have done on our website: www.colbysailfish.ca - we are sooooo pleased! Your work is exceptional!! I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know!! Thank You! Cheryl

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I was looking to upgrade my website and Belinda was recommended as a small business owner that specialized in website design and hosting. I was certainly NOT disappointed.

Belinda reviewed my old website and gave a clear, concise and constructive opinion, which was completely on the mark yet I was unable to see or put into words prior to this review.

We never had to meet once in person - we conducted all of our communication through email. Belinda was thoroughly organized in her communication approach and every segment of the design was broken down into client-friendly descriptions and follow-up. In two weeks Belinda completed an 8 page website that has moved my business into a whole new realm of professionalism. She did not overlook any detail and was constantly asking for feedback prior to final implementation.

I would highly recommend Belinda to design or upgrade your company's website. She is efficient, economical and has the expertise!

- Shelley Alward MacLeod, Founder/President HR on the GO

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Belinda is very enthusiastic about her work and wants to truly please each client to the best of her ability. She is full of great ideas, very dedicated and has a vibrant spirit and a sweet personality which makes her very easy to work with. I am very pleased with the website she has designed for me. Thank you Belinda.

-Melinda Naugler

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Belinda listened to what I wanted, gave me much needed advice and delivered my site in record time. My blog is very easy to use and keeps my site up to date and interesting. I love my website!

- Heidi Jirotka

Belinda is creative, helpful, respectful, sincere and a real professional in terms of the services she provides us.

Our website is very well-like by our vendorship, Belinda has helped tailor each page to our requirements, and it is a beautiful visual representation of the magic we have happening at our farmers' market each week.

She continues to act as our website host and provides timely updates as required and is always more than willing to 'go the extra mile' to help us with anything extra we'd like to add or change.

I can't thank her enough for the great job she's done and for being such a great person to work with.

Michelle Fike
Manager, Kentville Farmers Market
Kentville, Nova Scotia