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About Belinda and WiNiTh Website Design

WiNiTh Website Design is a team of one- just me, Belinda. You will find me most days (if I'm not volunteering at my local elementary school) to be cozied up to the computer in my book-room, drinking too-much coffee, catching occasional peeks of the beautiful Atlantic ocean through my window and designing and coding sites and loving it!

In my spare time I like to grow things, like flowers, vegetables and children! Being a home-body I enjoy hanging out in my old-fashioned kitchen wearing one of my pretty aprons, filming/editing adventure home-movies with my sweet boys (most of which are heavily influenced by LOTR and Star Wars) and accompanying my musical husband on bass-guitar  ....  with lots of big dreams and lofty plans sprinkled throughout.

Ah, it's a good life.

What does WiNiTh mean?

WiNiTh is an acronym of my 3 sons names -William (Wi) Nicholas (Ni) and Thomas (Th). So, in one sense it means nothing, yet it another it means everything.

WiNiTh is the quintessential, small business

My professional background is in information technology and corporate support applications. Since founding WiNiTh, I have been working exclusively on the design and development of feature-rich, visually engaging, search engine-friendly websites.  I also provide VPS web hosting and website maintenance to my clients.

I am an independent one-person team, but don't let that peg me! I can still do almost anything you need and if I come up against a technical wall, I have a software developer guru that helps me out when I need it! I also have in my playing hand a group of talented individuals including photographers, graphic designers and an illustrator.

I studied at Dalhousie University (science, business and arts- umm, yes, I tried them all!) and Sheridan College (computer programming) before my husband and I started our family. I have been coding sites since 2009 and tinkered in code for years before that. I was waiting until our youngest was in school before focusing on a career in website design. That time is now and here I am!

The Technie Stuff

Some of the technologies I use to develop my websites are LAMP - Linux, Apache Webserver, MySQL, PHP, CSS, CSS3, HTML, a text-editor, Javascript. I am a firm supporter and user of open source applications, which benefit my clients by reducing costs and setting up an open environment where other developers can easily edit my work.

I use best practices for development and SEO and test my websites on all major browsers before launch.

My Goal

I want to be the complete solution for your needs offering site concept, design, testing, launch, hosting and support. If we need a photographer, graphic designer or illustrator while making your site, I can make it seamless for you, setting up and executing the job as part of my service.

If you're new to the web, I can help you with it all from the first steps of securing a domain name to the launch of your site. If you are well established on the web, you can appreciate how convenient it is to find all these services in one place.

You can be involved as little or as much in your site development as makes you happy- I work with your desired level of involvement, after all you are the client and I want this experience to be good for you!


Please Contact Me

So, please contact me to discuss any project you may have in mind. We can do everything over the phone, by email or meet in person. I hope to hear from you!