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New Feature - Naugler Auto

Submitted by Belinda on Sat, 05/09/2015 - 11:46

Naugler Auto (a used car dealership in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia) recently made available 5.99% financing on approved credit.

I updated their individual sale pages to display a monthly payment based the total entered by Naugler auto administration.

Best Practices for eMail Marketing

Submitted by Belinda on Sat, 05/09/2015 - 11:45

This list of Recommended Best Practices for eMail Marketing is published on the Government of Canada's Industry website.  As quoted:

1. Marketing email should only be sent to recipients who have provided their consent to receive such information.

2. In all marketing email, recipients must be provided with an obvious, clear and efficient email or web-based means to opt out of receiving any further business and/or marketing email messages from the organization.

3. The internal process used to obtain consent should be clear and transparent. Organizations should keep records of the type of consent obtained from recipients so that email lists can be scrubbed prior to campaign broadcasts.pon request.

4. Every email marketing communication should clearly identify the sender of the email. The subject line and body text in the communication should accurately reflect the content, origin and purpose of the communication.

5. Every email should provide a link to the sender's privacy policy. The privacy policy should explain the intended use and disclosure of any personal information that might be gathered through "clickstream" means or other website monitoring techniques.

6. Marketers, list brokers and list owners should take reasonable steps to ensure that the addresses on their email lists were obtained with the proper consent.

7. Marketers should use a high degree of discretion and sensitivity in sending email marketing to persons under the age of majority, in order to address the age, knowledge, sophistication and maturity of this audience.

8. Organizations should have in place a complaint-handling system that is fair, effective, confidential and easy to use. Find the complete detailed list at : Industry Canada


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