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Understanding Your Website Options

I understand that choosing the right type of website to have developed can be confusing and intimidating especially coupled with deadlines, a changing internet environment and technical jargon and terminologies.

Another major consideration, for most, is a tight budget.  Each project is different (even within a selected category) and priced as such. I can give ball parks but not until I have the final requirements am I able to give a reliable quote. You can complete a form to the left to get a free, confidential quote.

I have arranged the website types that I offer into a few categories in an effort to help you understand what each kind of website behaves and the features it offers:


Brochure Website

This kind of website is the easiest and fastest type to make and therefore often the most inexpensive. The number of pages allowed is flexible.  This type of website can only be edited by a web designer familiar with HTML and/or PHP depending on its build.* Read more about BROCHURE website options.

CMS Website

A CMS (content management system) allows you to add or update content on your own website. CMS sites may include a number of free add ons including calendars, polls, photo gallery, newsletter sign-up, twitter feed and dozens more. I provide training and user manuals with CMS sites.* Read more about CMS website options.

Blog Website

A BLOG site allows you to add or update your own articles. These articles are the focus of the website generally flanked by a menu of recent posts, comments, etc. The blog may have a number of free addons including calendars, guestbooks, polls and much more.*Read more about BLOG website options.


A redesign, rethinking or restructuring of your existing site. Perhaps you would like to add a blog section to your site, sell product, expand your existing site or freshen-up graphics and text.* Read more about REDESIGN options.


eCommerce websites can vary greatly in size by having a few select products to hundreds of products divided by categories for sale.*Read more about eCOMMERCE website options.

*All content, graphics and photographs to be provided by the client, unless otherwise discussed. I can provide these at additional cost.